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Attorney Mark P. Rankin sitting on courthouse steps

Building A Defense For You

When criminal charges arise at the federal level, you can face significant legal consequences. The legal and personal stakes are as high as you can possibly experience, but you still have many rights. Getting a skilled, experienced Florida or Colorado federal criminal lawyer immediately should be your top priority.

At The Law Office of Mark P. Rankin, P.A., Tampa federal criminal defense attorney Mark Rankin has the experience and skill to provide a personalized and dedicated defense of his client’s rights in Florida and Colorado. Individuals from the Greater Tampa Bay area and across West Central Florida, facing criminal charges ranging from narcotics to firearms charges, turn to him for defense they can trust. The hallmark of his work is tailor-made defense strategies and highly responsive communication.

The Law Office of Mark P. Rankin, P.A., Moves Quickly To Defend You

Mark Rankin’s over 20 years of experience as a Florida and Colorado federal criminal attorney allows him to act quickly and accurately answer your every question. As he has extensive experience with the entire range of federal charges, he can make a difference for you today in such matters as:

Bond Hearings

The bond hearing is one of the earliest points in which you can engage an attorney. In federal court for the MIddle District of Florida, you will appear before a judge to determine whether you will be released pending trial and set a bond amount. Skilled intervention here can lead to pre-trial release or a more affordable bail, allowing you freedom while your attorney prepares for trial. Being free on bond allows you to more easily participate in your own defense, work to support yourself and your family, and avoid being incarcerated before being convicted of any crime.

Revocation Of Supervised Release

Anyone convicted of a federal crime often leaves prison on a form of probation called “supervised release.” However, supervised release is conditional, and violations can send you back to prison. You do have rights in this process, and Mark will take steps on your behalf to preserve your release. Mark also frequently obtains court orders to terminate state and federal probation and supervised release early.

Airport Crimes

Airports are known for heavy security, and this naturally leads to a higher incidence of arrests and criminal charges, especially drug and gun-related crimes. You may face state or federal crimes but with the added hurdle of extensive video and audio evidence. No matter the case against you, Attorney Rankin’s diligence and experience can help you settle or defend the case in your best interests.

Experienced And Attentive In Federal Cases

Federal crimes are criminal issues where the federal government takes on the prosecution. These can be cases that the federal government has. Mark Rankin’s practice also covers such cases as:

  • Federal fraud charges in the Middle District of Florida can include bank fraud, false claims act violations, wire fraud and other such issues.
  • Tax evasion: Violating the law to avoid taxes can lead to serious legal consequences.
  • Drug crimes: Many drug crimes come with federal consequences, especially if there are instances of drug conspiracies or alleged possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance. Federal drug cases in the Middle District of Florida often come with severe penalties for a guilty plea or unfavorable verdict.

The firm’s mix of skills honed over decades of practice, as well as a commitment to personalized service, make a difference for you. Mark can take federal criminal cases from across the United States.


Below are some resources you can use to familiarize yourself with the court system in the area:

These resources are simply a starting place for you to build your knowledge. To know how to properly defend yourself, you will need the assistance of a skilled attorney.

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